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... my summer so far :)

... after I got a little injured and broke 3 bones in my back in May 24th... I recovered very quick and soon started to train again... a big thanks to Klaus, Nina&Leo for looking after me and make this time a fun time ... and to Dr. Weber Martin in Innsbruck and my physio Günter Carpentari in Hall.... all gave me a lot of motivation ...

... 4th July I started to work again as a guide in the Tyrolien canyons... soon had been back with my boyfriend Klaus doing the first canyons ... and went on the river ...

... this is the Rossgumpen Canyon in Lechtal/Tirol

you can go up with the bike, then walk one more hour, and you will find a mix of open and close canyon with some nice abseilers, little jumps, and slides in high alpin nature.

at the moment my body and Immunsystem is not treating me very well - but I just take that time as a little "time out" again.

soon I will be back on tour with Alex for about 10 days to see some new stuff ... a few little and bigger projects are in planning for autumn and winter ...

... i will keep you updated... but for now I gonna try to get stronger and back in old shape to be able to challenge myself again....

... so if you are not hearing anything from me... does not mean that I am hanging around lazy :) I will prepare myself for further projects... and you will find me soon in Italy, Spain and Slovenia..

:) enjoy yours Ines

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